Autographed records that are personalized, such as “To Jane, best wishes…” tend to sell for less money than those that simply have the artist’s signature on it. Other countries, however, have been known to create dramatically different versions of records from the U.S. or UK counterparts. We’ve written a detailed article about Japanese records. Edit Label ; Data Quality Rating: Correct. For used records, check out Discogs . Marketplace 222 For Sale. Sort by Price. (new window). Several sites, for example, monitor the sales of records on the eBay auction site and archive them, making it possible for you to see what a particular records might have sold for yesterday, or last month, or even five years ago. Keep in mind that the highest prices are paid for copies in near mint condition, which may or may not apply to the records you currently have in your possession. In general, collectors in the United States will always be interested, to some degree, in any foreign record by artists whose records they collect. Where do I find my code? Need some inspiration? We hear from people all the time – “I have some records. Record changers, which were phonographs that were capable of playing up to a dozen records in sequence, were popular in the 1960s and 1970s and were particularly prone to adding scratches and abrasions to a record’s playing surface. “Old records” may have some value, but as a rule, it’s not because they’re old. If you have an ounce of gold, it’s worth a certain amount of money. This website will give you as vinyl enthusiast and collector the possibility to create a free online catalogue of your vinyl records. osób lubi to. While the age can have an effect on a vinyl record’s value, it’s one of the less important factors. A sealed copy of a relatively recent release may carry a small premium over an opened copy, but older and/or more desirable titles may exhibit a substantially larger premium. Build or expand your collection with popular pre-orders, new releases, and best-selling vinyl. So you can send 10,20, 30, 40,...LPs for £8.00. Hot New Top. Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night sealed mono 1964 LP, A sealed original mono pressing of the Beatles soundtrack to…, A still sealed original U.S. stereo pressing of Meet the…, Fleetwood Mac – Rumours rare Dutch white/grey…, A rare grey and white marbled vinyl pressing of Rumours…, A 1967 U.S. stereo pressing of the debut LP by…, Beatles – Yesterday and Today mono second…, A mono second state Butcher cover copy of Yesterday and…, Elvis Presley – Elvis’ Golden Story rare…, A copy of the rare 1965 Japan-only compilation Elvis' Golden…, Beatles – Introducing the Beatles VJ mono…, An original version two mono pressing of Introducing the Beatles…, Beatles – Yesterday and Today mono Third State…, A mono peeled "third state" Butcher cover copy of Yesterday…, Madonna – Like a Virgin 1984 white vinyl…, White vinyl promotional copy of Madonna's Like a Virgin LP, Buckingham Nicks – Buckingham Nicks 1970s UK LP, A scarce UK pressing of the 1973 LP Buckingham Nicks…, Acetates and Test Pressings – Souvenirs of Record Production, Beatles Albums Are Popular With Collectors, Beatles Colored Vinyl Albums From Around the World, Bootleg Records – Live, Unreleased, and ROIR Albums, Colored Vinyl Records Are Popular With Collectors, Japanese Records – The Appeal of Japan LPs, Lesley Gore Records, Albums, Autographs and Memorabilia, Most Valuable Vinyl Records – The Top 10 Rarest Albums, Pink Floyd Albums Are Interesting and Often Quite Rare. Vinylnet Ltd. Unit 18, Prospect 3. The promotional copies of the Beatles’ single “Penny Lane” had a different ending than the version of the song on the stock copies of the single, making these rare copies quite valuable in comparison to the million-selling stock counterpart. The topic of mono vs. stereo is a complex one, and we have previously cover that in detail in another article which you can read here. The same applies to a barrel of oil. Wholesale & Retail heat transfer vinyl (HTV), t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, raglans, baseball shirts, Oracal sign vinyl, vinyl cutting equipment and heat presses. While his first five records for the Memphis-based Sun label sold reasonably well for their day, their sales figures were minuscule compared to those of his later releases on RCA, making the Sun versions fairly valuable. On the other hand, even records that sold well when new can become scarce in time, especially when one takes the condition of the record into account. A promo-only Rolling Stones record, for example, will attract far more interest from collectors than one by Andy Williams. A sealed copy of the limited edition (500 only) pink vinyl pressing of Porcupine Tree's 2007 LP Fear of a Blank Planet. While his RCA albums sell for modest prices, his lone album on Abbot has sold for as much as $1000. Parent Label: Hammerheart Records [l131793] Label . can affect vinyl records value is if the record in question is a promotional issue. On other occasions, a record may be issued only as a promotional item. You can read it here. Welcome, vinyl collector! You can read it here. They are usually the first pressings made from a set of stampers, and can be distinguished by their labels, which will differ from those used on stock pressings. None of these artists were very successful and their records sold poorly when new. Sometimes, minor differences on labels can make a difference, as well. Colored Vinyl and Picture Discs As a rule, collectors tend to favor original pressings, so for a given title, the most desirable label variation would be whichever one was in use on the day the record was originally released for sale to the public. In the case of records that are common to moderately rare, anything copy that isn’t in something close to new condition may have little to no value at all. This factor is pretty straightforward when it comes to vinyl records value; records that sold well and are quite common are going to be less valuable than records that sold poorly or are hard to find. Sealed Records The Masters of Rock collection traces back the history of these great Rock’n’Roll figures without whom Rock and music in general would not be what they are today. On the other hand, records by the Beatles are selling for the highest prices ever and prices remain steady more than 50 years after they released their last album. As acetates are cut one at a time, they are understandably rare, and command a high value in the market place as they are both rare and unusual. Furthermore, owners often wrote their names or other information on the record’s cover or label. This led to problems with both theft and damage, and by the early 1960s, a number of large retailers started sealing their albums in plastic bags. It’s one of the rarest commercially available Beatles picture sleeves, and mint copies have sold for more than $1000. The topic of mono vs. stereo is a complex one, and we have previously cover that in detail in another article which you can read here. Most of these recordings were also pressed on colored vinyl and the sets were marketed in mass media to consumers who were not record collectors. Establishing vinyl records value is an inexact science, and there are a number of factors that go into determining whether a given record is something that will bring a lot of money from a collector or something that would best be used as a place mat. Sealed copies of older albums by the Beatles might sell for as much as ten times the price of an opened example, for instance. Condition of the Record One factor that’s of vital importance in determining a vinyl record’s value is condition, which we’ll discuss at length later. This can happen for a number of reasons, ranging from a corporate decision that may or may not have anything to do with the record itself, a decision by the artist to change the product after release, or even an announcement by prominent retailers that they will refuse to sell the record as released. Counterfeit Records A couple of months later, RCA Records began to press the album on regular black vinyl as a cost-cutting move, which would have made the blue pressings rare and desirable. While this might seem to be a minor matter, the difference in value between a copy that lacks the text and one that has it can be more than $1000, depending on condition. In the 1950s through the mid-1970s, record companies kept close tabs on whether an album was selling well or poorly. The so-called “Black Album” was withdrawn prior to release by Prince himself, for reasons that remain unclear to this day. A few copies have leaked out over the years, and they have sold for as much as $25,000. Test pressings are a bit more common than acetates, and are made to test stampers prior to mass produced production runs. Vinyl Collectors. Customers in record stores could remove the records from the cover and many stores would even allow them to play the records to help them make a buying decision. Keep in mind that there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration, and it’s quite rare for a record to be valuable based on one factor alone. You can read it here. This is one of the factors that pretty much has no exceptions; a record with a picture sleeve is always more valuable than the same record without one. Because of this, collectors will often pay a huge premium for sealed, unopened examples of records they are seeking. You will be the first to hear about limited editions, collectors editions and recommended releases straight to your inbox each week! The difference in price can range from modest to quite significant, depending on the artist and title. Others are rare, but not to that degree. Retrouvez des vinyles en éditions limitées, dédicacés, couleur, mais aussi les vinyles incontournables à avoir à coté de votre platine. Records by the Beatles, for instance, were released by Capitol Records on a black label with a rainbow colored perimeter, a green label, a red label, a custom Apple label, an orange label, a purple label, and a new version of the original black label, all over a period of about 20 years. Sort by Newest Some artists are simply more popular as well as more collectible than others. For 18 years, this dedication has been reflected in a unique range in our online shop. We have thousands of records and CDs across 15 categories & all musical genres including many Rare and Collectable Records and Vinyl. By the 1980s, albums selling more than 5 million copies were relatively common. In the late 1970s, for example, Todd Rundgren and the Cars were highly collectible, but these days, there’s little interest in their recordings. Vinyl Collector - Store. Autographed Records Newer vinyl records that are safe in the plastic wrap should be good quality, while many rare or interesting finds are likely to be used — and played, which could mean scratches. More than a digitally perfect CD, and way more than a compressed audio file downloaded to a portable device, a vinyl record is a record, if you will, of an artist or genre at a particular moment in time. Follow these three easy steps to find the value of vinyl records using Discogs, the largest physical music Database on the web. Records pressed in foreign countries are often of interest to record collectors. card. With few exceptions, colored vinyl and picture disc pressings are limited editions, and are usually far harder to find than their black vinyl counterparts. We have written an extensive article about the Beatles Butcher cover. People are aware that some records are valuable, but most people don’t know exactly which records people are looking for or why they’re looking for them. The recordings are cut on metal plates that are coated with soft lacquer. Finding Recent Prices Sometimes, test pressings may contain different versions of one or more songs from the commercially released albums. If an artist is not from the United States, collectors will often seek out records from the artist’s country of origin. Just another pcrp Sites site. Personally I always wanted to design covers for vinyl record s, I always saw them as un ique pieces of art, for both music and the visual art that comes with them. This makes it easy to see if a particular record is increasing in value over time or going down as interest sometimes wanes. While vinyl record albums usually include printed covers, most 45 RPM singles do not, as they were generally issued in plain paper sleeves. Smaller labels might press only a few hundred or several thousand copies of a particular record. Released after a string of best-selling albums, Music from the Elder had a different sound from their previous releases and offered no hit songs and no songs that regularly received airplay. (new window). When it comes to musical groups and autographs, albums that are autographed by the entire group will sell for substantially higher prices than those with the signatures of some, but not all, members. Dundee Technology Park, Gemini Crescent, Dundee. When the song became a hit, Downey struck a deal with the nationally distributed Dot records to have them release the album instead. Thanks for downloading your album. “Common” is also relative; records that sold well in the 1950s and 1960s still sold in substantially smaller quantities than those sold in the 1970s and 1980s. Open to the public! DD2 1TY, Copyright Vinylnet 2020. Explore our selection of records by price point, by genre & more. Vinyl Collectors. There are many records in the easy listening genre from the 1950s, such as those by Ray Conniff or Percy Faith, that are now some 60 years old, but they still sell for only a couple of dollars in most used records stores, provided they bother to offer them for sale at all. In some cases, such as with the soundtrack album to the 2010 film Inception, all copies are colored vinyl and they are numbered as well. 9.6K likes. And sounds great! Record companies often change the appearance of the labels used on their records. These custom labels usually have blank lines printed on them so that the people working with them can write the title and artist on the labels by hand. In the following project you'll find two designs made for AVi Records Romania, a sub-brand of the already established underground techno club Avi-Cola from Transylvania Romania, which One factor that can influence vinyl records value is having the autograph of the artist on it. Promotional copies with a pink label, while relatively rare, are probably ten times more common than the stock copies with black labels, of which fewer than 20 copies are known to exist. Use the code on your card (similar to the one shown below) to redeem your album download here. While later copies had either “BMI” or “ASCAP” after each song title, the very first issues of the album sold in stores lacked this text. They can also be played on a turntable and are often used to evaluate the sound of a song or an album prior to putting it into formal production. It was not uncommon, however, for singles to be issued in special printed sleeves bearing the title of the song, the name of the artist and perhaps a graphic or photograph. Welcome to the newest version of our website. Some artists tend to have a longtime following, while others are popular only while they are actively recording. The picture sleeve for the Beatles’ single “Can’t Buy Me Love” were commercially available, but were only printed by one of Capitol Records’ pressing plants, making it available only for a short time and only in the eastern United States. In general, a copy of an album that is still in original, unopened shrink wrap will sell for a lot more money than one that is in opened condition, even if the opened copy has not been played. A given album or single might have been released with several different labels on the disc itself, even among releases by the same record company. What are my records worth? Related Categories. At HHV we live and love an urban lifestyle. A few copies of the band’s Revolver and Yesterday and Today albums were accidentally issued with that label, and despite not being “original” issues, they do sell for quite a lot of money on the collector’s market. Reissues and Falling Prices If a record routinely sells for a lot of money, there is a good chance that the title in question has been counterfeited. Collectors often become interested in records that have gone out of print, and the prices for these no longer available titles can get quite high, depending on the artist and title. Sold for 59.50 USD on 12 Dec 2020 (Buy It Now) Vinyl. Test pressings may have blank white labels or they may have special labels that indicate that they are test pressings. In a few cases, such as the Beatles album Introducing the Beatles, counterfeit copies may actually outnumber the real ones. Listed below are a few examples of record albums which were withdrawn from the market shortly before or shortly after being released to stores. The range spans an arc from vinyl records to streetwear … Co-founder and songwriter Marcos Garcia discusses the songwriting, the lyrics, the creation, his history with vinyl and a World Premiere of the track "I Told You (You Shall Die)" from the upcoming Here Lies Man LP "Ritual Divination" on Riding Easy Records. Poor selling albums were usually removed from the catalog and existing copies were sold at a discount. You can read it here. In past decades, when records were the predominant format for selling music, record companies were content to sell as many copies as possible of a given title. Both colored vinyl pressings and picture discs have been issued as commercial releases and as promo-only releases. Rééditions OFFICIELLES à partir des masters d'origine. Join. Free Shipping on orders of $99 or more! Gildan, Bella Canvas, Port & Company, Anvil. Vinyl Engine. Limited Editions Sometimes an artist will release records on a small label and then move to a larger one. Because the value of a particular record is tied to so many factors, it’s difficult to give a general answer as to its value without knowing all of the particulars about that particular pressing. People have tended to take better care of their records in recent decades, so it’s a lot easier to find a nice copy of a 1980s album by Bruce Springsteen than it is to find a near mint 1960s album by the Rolling Stones, for example. Exceptions to that exist; that can come in the form of artists who were never particularly popular, but who were influential in the industry. What Records is recognised by many as the number 1 UK online Vinyl Supplier we also have many exclusive items too. In recent years, records have become more of a niche item, and record companies are somewhat hesitant to spend the money to master, press, and distribute them. Record companies do pay attention to such market trends, and today, it’s quite common to see newly-pressed reissues of albums for sale that haven’t been available on the market in decades. Contact | Terms and Legal | Privacy | Data, An original stereo pressing of Hi Fi a La Espanola by Frederick Fennell and the Eastman-Rochester Pops Orchestra, A sealed original mono pressing of the Rolling Stones 1965 LP Out of Our Heads, A stereo third state Butcher cover copy of Yesterday and Today by the Beatles. … The quickest way to find out is to check with Popsike or Collector’s Frenzy for a quick glance at recent sales. Albums by Elvis Presley and the Beatles sold millions of copies when they were first released, but finding nice original copies of those records now can be difficult, as many have been thrown away or damaged through heavy play or abuse. Withdrawn Releases Still, as a rule, popular artists will have records with higher values than obscure ones. The Beatles – When retailers complained about the original cover art for the Beatles’ 1966 album Yesterday and Today, which showed the band sitting on a bench with broken dolls and raw meat, Capitol Records ordered all copies returned from stores and radio stations. Your unique code will be printed in the white area. Vinyl Records Value – What Are Your Records Worth? We have written an extensive article about counterfeit records. 15 tys. While all of the factors listed above are important when it comes to evaluating a vinyl record’s value, perhaps none is as important as the condition of the record. Foreign Editions Finding a copy of any record that is more than 20 years old in such condition is quite difficult, and the value of a record can vary widely depending on its condition. While scarcity can be a major factor in a vinyl record’s value, intentional scarcity can affect it even more. Vinyl Collectors r/ VinylCollectors. (new window). What the “common vs. scarce” factor means is that the most valuable record by a particular artist may not be their best-known title, but rather one that was disregarded by the public and/or critics when originally released, making it relatively scarce today. Starting in the 1980s, record companies took a different approach, and reduced the prices of slow-selling records, keeping them in print but offering them for sale at a lower price point. As this post on vinyl records value is going to be fairly lengthy, we’ll divide it into sections. That’s a common question these days as record albums are making a comeback among both casual music fans and hard core collectors. Still, the millions of record sales on the site each year do provide some good insight into overall vinyl records value, and can also show trends over the past decade or so. Catalog your vinyl collection with this music database software. 3 6 1 163. pinned by moderators. Here is a complete list of vinyl artists or view our rare and collectors items. Search within our archive of 19.1 Million sold auctions. Popsike’s home page has a few lists of popular searches, as well as lists of recent sales in certain popular categories, such as blues, Beatles, classic rock, jazz, and classical. Sometimes, promotional copies of a particular record may be different from the stock counterpart. There are also specialty price guides for records from Japan, records by the Beatles and records by Elvis Presley. There are price guides for rock albums, jazz albums, classical albums, 45 RPM singles, country records, and soundtrack and original cast recordings. Most of these titles are also available on regular (and more common) black vinyl. You can read it here. On rare occasions, acetates have been sent to radio stations as promotional items when regular pressings were not yet available. While there are a number of different sites that track and archive record sales on eBay our favorite is: – This site is free to use for a limited, but unspecified, number of searches. Auction Alerts. Here is 10% off more great records on The Sound of Vinyl store. It means that if you’re someone who has a box of “old records” and you want to know about those vinyl records’ value, you’ll likely discover that they’re common titles in average to poor condition and they’re likely not worth very much money. You can read it here. The practice isn’t limited to rare or valuable titles, either, as a number of mass-produced titles were counterfeited in the late 1970s. 6.2K likes. popmarket is your Pop Culture destination for Classic Rock Vinyl, CDs, Boxsets, Pre-Orders, Festival Apparel, T-Shirts, Turntables and Official Merchandise. More often, colored vinyl and picture disc records are issued as limited edition pressings, created to spur interest among buyers. This issue of scarcity comes into play when one looks at whether a particular record was released by a small, regional label or a large national one. UK customers: Please note the max postage cost is £8.00. Vinyl, Streetwear, Sneakers and more Good Stuff Carefully Composed since 2002. That’s not the case with records, however. Currently, the cost of subscribing to Popsike is about $35 per year, though most users will never use the service enough to reach the threshold that requires paying a subscription fee. Furthermore, even the outdated price guides can offer insight as to how a vinyl record’s value has increased over time. On the other hand, records by artists that are not of interest to collectors will have little value, regardless of age. Some picture sleeves, such as “Street Fighting Man” by the Rolling Stones, which was withdrawn prior to release, can sell for more than $10,000. The country group Alabama released a couple of albums on the small LSI label under the name “Wild Country” before changing their name and moving to the large RCA label. Sometimes, foreign pressings may have different titles, or different covers from the more common versions from the U.S. or UK. An example of this would be the 1963 surf album Pipeline by the Chantays, which was originally released on the California-based Downey label. Hot. By producing only a limited number of a given title, and by making it publicly known that production will be limited to xxx number of copies, the record companies have a greater likelihood of having a particular title sell out quickly, rather than sitting on a shelf for a period of months or years. It’s usually a combination of things that add to a vinyl record’s value, and other factors can sometimes turn a valuable record into one that isn’t worth all that much seemingly overnight. While the value of a mono record in relation to its stereo counterpart will depend on when the record was released, quadraphonic copies are almost always worth more money than the same album in stereo. Over the years, the Franklin Mint has released a number of recordings as limited edition sets, usually spanning many volumes. Vinyl Collection. We buy sell and trade anything vinyl related. Get help with my download . They are also pressed in relatively small quantities compared to stock copies of the same records. Regardless of the reason for withdrawing the record from circulation, such releases will naturally be scarce, hard to find, and in demand among collectors. While these guides have served collectors and sellers fairly well, the books are bulky, somewhat expensive, and have a tendency to become outdated rather quickly. After only a handful of copies had been issued as promotional items, the album was withdrawn, retitled to Sinful, and released with completely different artwork showing the band in white suits against a white background.

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